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Business Partners

Seznamte se s našimi obchodními partnery ve Vašem okolí. Seznamte se s kompletním sortimentem a technologiemi.

Business partners

Thanks to years of experience in orchard implementation, we offer our customers complete consultancy. We can design a solution ranging from small orchards to large multi-acre projects.

Preparation of an offer

In cooperation with our customers, we can effectively suggest material that is fully functional in the long run, without additional service fees.

Krodes Model Park in Cerhýnky

In this park, our customers can get acquainted with all the offered systems and materials. The plantation includes apples, pears, peaches, cherries, small fruit species and grapes, and everything on typical single-row or multi-row systems. This park is also a place where we experiment with new products and develop new components and systems. These are tested against wind, rain, hail, snow and sun. Our goal is to always keep our products a few steps ahead of our competitors. Within the trials, we compare the quality of our own as well as competitive components.

Development and innovation

We have been developing systems since 2004, when the first construction was built in our family orchard. Thanks to our own experience and implementations up to this day, we understand very well which components are important and what kinds should be further developed for a system. With the help of modern visualizations in 3D software and capable background skills, the emergence of the new components is very dynamic and we are able to prepare the end products very promptly.

Our own production

A unique feature of our company is our very own manufacturing of products. As the only implementation company, we are proud to produce more than 50% of the necessary components for a system construction. The highest percentage share of the production is represented by the manufacture of plastic components and anti-hail nets.

Since the purchase of a relatively large share in a textile company with more than 40 ears of operation, we have become one of the most modern companies in Europe. In order to achieve the hight quality of our final products, the raw production material is purchased in Italy, which means there can be no doubt of the quality of end products.

Implementation projects

Krodes provides complete implementation and specialized consultancy in the field of orchard construction. It supplies and implements constructions throughout Europe, including Russia, Ukraine, Armenia etc.


Our supplied components guarantee a the long durability and functionality of the whole system. In the course of its lifecycle, high-quality material does not change its parameters even after several hailstorms, and it preserves other expendable materials as well.

Due to the high expectations of our customers, we ensure the top quality of our raw materials. As the only company in Europe, we keep a complete record of our deliveries, including warranties and bar codes.


Our corporate group also includes the transport company OCNgroup, which handles the entire logistics for production and our customers.

The vehicle fleet consists of several models of MAN vehicle. The dispatchers transport more than 1,000 trucks with goods each year.


Thanks to our own production of components and systems, we can guarantee the best prices for the best quality. As part of new corporate vision or the third millennium, we consider the future of our company with maximum care and focus on our own production.

Individual approach

We personally inspect the entire process, from the request to the completion of the implementation.

About us

We are the only professional company in the Czech Republic which offers a complete solution of support frames for perennials – orchards. The basic materials include pressure-treated pine wood poles or prestressed concrete poles. Depending on the soil conditions we will recommend anchoring systems, including all necessary components, which will ensure long life and only a single investment at the time of the construction.

We offer both individual components and the entire system for construction. If needed, the support frame with a wire trellis can be fitted with an anti-hail protection net which is used especially in the fruit-bearing period.

Thanks to our solutions, there is no need for costly, and often annual, investments into modernizing and improving the stability of the frames. Long life and stability of our support frames constitute their undeniable advantages. Transverse fixation provides overall stability of the support frame. The support frame therefore guarantees 100% stability up to the height of 6 metres.

Column and Solaxe tree shapes are ideal and recommended for these frames. The support frame has been so meticulously designed that it can bear the load of more than 300 tonnes / ha.

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